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about us...

Direct Seed is a a direct seeding, revegetation and native seed supply business based in the South West Victoria.

Direct Seed has pioneered the development of direct seeding since it was first recognised as an effective alternative to planting seedlings on improved land some 20 years ago. We have been successfully establishing vegetation using the mouldboard ploughing and hand broadcasting method ever since!

Direct Seed would typically establish some 50-80 hectares of mixed species indigenous vegetation each year, & have become one of the  largest revegetators using direct seeding in Western Victoria,.
Much of Direct Seed's work is on private farmland where farmers recognise the financial, environmental & aesthetic value of establishing shelterbelts by such a quick & efficient method.
Another area of our work is rehabilitation of mining & other land & large industrial site screening.
We can supply seed for your job,do site preparation, or complete all aspects of your project from planning to fencing.
Although the majority of our work is in western Victoria between Geelong, Ballarat, Hamilton & the South Australian border, we do travel to other locations for larger jobs.
Direct Seed has also become the largest private supplier of indigenous seed  in western Victoria, and each year supplies local native seed from all areas west of Geelong, and as far north as Hamilton.

As our core business has grown, we have also developed the following specialised services:

  • Industrial landscaping
  • Wetland establishment & biofiltration systems
  • Landscape design & creation that is waterwise, sustainable & indigenous
  • Ecological consultancy, wholefarm planning & habitat creation 

Our personnel are  David Smurthwaite & Ricky Mansbridge.

The Direct Seed staff all hold relevant chemical use & first aid certificates, & comply with relevant OHS practices.

Direct Seed has required licences & permits such as herbicide commercial operator's licence, seed collection permits etc.

Direct Seed has full public liability insurance.

We are trained in Forest Science, arboriculture and horticulture

We look forward to assisting you.

Direct seeding has the advantages of giving dense mixed species vegetation with no planting labour required!