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choosing species for direct seeding

Most plants with readily available & easily germinating seed are suitable for direct seeding. The majority of our work uses indigenous (local native) seed because local native trees are best adapted to the wide range of conditions that the local climate can throw up.  They have been refining their survival techniques for many thousands of years, and will survive wet years and dry years.  They will progressively germinate over at least twelve months to take advantage of the best conditions. Indigenous revegetation may also be eligible for financial subsidies – contact your local Catchment Management Authority or Landcare group to find out about this.

Typically Eucalypts, Acacias and teatree are the core of a revegetation mix with sheoak, Solanum, tree everlasting and various grasses and sedges added.

However there are many situations where other species are used:

  • Shelterbelts and screenings where a dense, low growing profile is preferred
  • Where woodlot species are desired ie firewood, timber
  • Bird attracting or colourful flowering plants are incorporated eg red flowering eucalypts
  • Particular grasses and other low growing plants
  • Modified environments requiring the use of special plants eg species tolerant to salty soils, coastal exposure, pest and animal browsing, water logging etc

With direct seeding it is easy to customise your plantation by using different species mixes in different areas. For example where a view needs to be preserved, low growing shrubs or  grasses can be sown. Viewed edges can be sown with ornamental species or dense shrubs such as  melaleucas. A line of tall trees can be oversown through the middle of a shelterbelt or even spot sown where required. A single species grove can be created, for example Sheoaks or firewood trees.

Plants that have very expensive or difficult to germinate seed can be planted as seedlings with enrichment planting.

The shapes of your plantations can be whatever you want. The possibilities are virtually endless!